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What Every Body Needs

We look at taste, textures, flavours and ingredients to mindfully craft exciting, delicious and healthy meal choices for you every day

What Every Body Needs

We look at taste, textures, flavours and ingredients to mindfully craft exciting, delicious and healthy meal choices for you every day

WHY FitFresh

The FitFresh Difference

So we asked ourselves, “Why can’t every body have their very own chef-nutritionist at their service?” And that’s how FitFresh was born.

Market-fresh ingredients

We use only the finest and freshest produce to create your meals.

Fresh-Forward Food Prep

Our central kitchen invests in cook-chilled technology to retain the nutrition-focused moisture, texture and original flavour of your meals.

Masterchef crafted, Nutritionist-Formulated menu

Our trained and experienced chefs work closely with our certified nutritionist to design your meal plans with carefully calculated macros.

Tech-Enabled Delivery Network

It all counts that you get your meals delivered on time and with a friendly smile.

Eat healthy without the hassle


High Protein meals designed for active people


Cook and delivered chilled to seal in the freshness


Our Chef-prepared meals set the bar for quality and taste.

Healthy AND Tasty

We believe healthy food should also be tasty & enjoyable

Turmeric Chicken

Calories 435
Protein 31g Carb 50g Fat 14g

Teriyaki Salmon

Calories 500
Protein 40g Carb 40g Fat 30g


Calories 558
Protein 28g Carb 72g Fat 17g

Meal Options Include:





Fit For The Best



It’s lunch time!! Happy to have @fitfreshsg ready to go for when my day runs crazy into the night and cooking just ain’t possible 👩🏻‍🍳 😴 🌙

Thanks for sending these over @maryannekhng 💋 Rendang? I mean cmonnnnnnn 👅 #fuelyourgoals



I am back from a day’s work, but thankful coming back to these healthy/nutritious/scrumptious/affordable meals from @fitfreshsg – saving me loads on time/energy/stresses, and most importantly helping me keep our 2🤤22 nutrition & goals on the money. 📈



Can’t believe meals can be tasty and healthy at the same time !!! 😋

No more meal planning, shopping, prepping and cooking, @fitfreshsg does it all for you, just microwave and eat.



As adults, we do get busy and occupied at times.There could be days we might skip our meal prepping and eat out. Even in that case make mindful food choices. Ready to eat foods are great too!! There are healthy meals, sealed and has the nutrition facts labelled on the packaging to help you understand the amount of calories you’ll be consuming!
@fitfresh coming for my rescue!



🔥Looking for fresh and tasty food delivered to your doorstep to swap a meal or 2? Tried their amazing selection and was simply impressed. Fresh and tasty indeed!

( psst, the rendang chicken was my favorite❤)

How It Works

FitFresh Your Life in 3 Steps


Select Your Meal Plan


Decide Your Delivery Days


Heat, Eat. Repeat.

Easy Weekly Orders

Receive Menu Email

Customise Your Order

Delivered 2x A Week

FitFresh Your Life - Subscribe to save

You Subscribe

Take the first step! Subscribe weekly or sign-up for our 3 or 6 weeks plan for more savings. Select your meal choice for each delivery.

We Deliver

We deliver 6 meals every Mon & Thurs. Choose an afternoon or a night delivery to your home or office. Our meals are delivered sealed & chilled with ice packs (not frozen) so it will stay fresh and last a week.

You Enjoy

Store your meals in the fridge (do not freeze) Reheat & Enjoy at your convenience.